It's Who we are.



Our Vision



To inform and inspire young athletes with a passion for the game of basketball, and empower them to become their very best – on the court, in the classroom, and in life. 


To attract and support the very best coaches – men and women of character and integrity that will lead young athletes in a manner that will grow discipline, confidence and success on the court, in the classroom, and in life.



Our Philosophy



ATTACK – it’s not a mascot, it’s a mindset. Our athletes are fierce competitors that honor the game, play with integrity and compete at the highest levels. 

We play hard and ATTACK both ends of the court. We approach each possession with purpose and unity. No matter what the game presents, we ATTACK – tough opponents, pressure situations, uphill battles…we embrace challenge and turn adversity into opportunity. We never back down. 

Even better, we learn to ATTACK challenge on the court so that when we encounter adversity in life we approach it with the same mentality – ATTACK, push through, be resilient, find a way to make it happen. 

We help athletes ATTACK personal limitations such as fear, frustration, uncertainty and doubt through our commitment to leadership development. 

Together we ATTACK social injustice. Through participation in community service we instill the values of giving back, problem solving and serving others. 

The greatest opportunities in sport are the lessons we learn through them, and the Connecticut ATTACK is committed to growing our athletes into Champions on the court and in life. 

ATTACK – it’s who we are.